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Allura Earrings

Blue Willow Boutique


The Kokē Box

Value $45.00


The Kokē Box & Blue Willow Collab

Value $36.00


Blue Willow Boutique

Lip Balm Trio


The Kokē Box 

Value $6.50

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Spoondrift Bathe Co.
Pumpkin Spice Latte

Bath bomb!

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Giving you what you deserve

We want our Canadian women to know that you deserve the best! The quality in the items that we ship to your doorstep are so important to us. We inspect each item and make sure the craftsmanship in each item is exemplary. You will receive 6+ items in each box every month. Our items can include; Beauty products, Home Living, Kitchen, Accessory Trends, Jewelry, latest Tech Gadgets and our best loved items from small and local Canadian businesses! Your box is 100% shipped, made and operated in Canada! 

Supporting Local

We have pride in supporting small and local businesses in Canada. In each box you'll receive handcrafted items made by a local artist in your neighborhood, province, or country. We try to add 2-3 local items in your box every month to help give these beautiful Canadian businesses the exposure they deserve. When you support local that means you're supporting someone's dream as well as supporting their family's dream. Let us come together and support these beautiful businesses!  

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What does Kokē Mean?
Pronouced - "Koh-Kee"
The word Kokē is a short word for a bird called the Kokē-yello. It is derived from an ethnic language found in the mountainous regions of Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Kokē-yello is known to be a small vibrant bird that sings its heart out at the top of a tree through each season. The melodies that this bird sings brings joy to the mountainous people who spend their entire lives farming and harvesting their crops living the simple life. The melody it sings brings these beautiful mountain people comfort when they are feeling lonely,  sympathy when they are sad, and joy when are happy and harvesting their crops. We hope that you will find the same harmonious joy when you open our Kokē box!

Why the Kokē Box?

We take huge pride and ownership for every item that is hand selected in your box. Our huge influencer in our boxes is supporting local Canadian Businesses. This is our way to help these businesses that have been impacted by Covid-19.  We are here for you and we support you!

Our biggest influencers are our subscribers! Yes, we are talking about YOU! Along with yourself these Women are Mothers, Teachers, Business Professionals, Homemakers and Caretakers. We've come together to ask you what items are essentially needed in this fast-paced Canadian lifestyle. We have also studied and soulfully experienced what items will excite us, make us happy, and make our lives more convenient. We live everyday thinking about work, family, friends, pets, and then lastly, ourselves (if we even have time to). We, Women (YOU), are usually the last to think about ourselves (common Mothers!! Where you at??!!). We hope that we can bring joy to your Canadian Lifestyle.

About Us
We are a small Canadian and operated business from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Our passion is to support as many small and local Canadian businesses as we can. We want to change the world of shopping in Canada for the better, as well as give our Canadian economy a brighter future. We are determined to serve our Canadian Women across Canada with quality and unique items that are handcrafted from local shops as well as give you items that are carefully sourced.

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