I've placed my order, when will I get my KOKE Box?

All boxes are expected to arrive to your doorstep by the 15th. If you order after the 15th, we will ship it the next business day! If you purchased a previous months box, it will ship to you the following business day.

When do I get billed?

You get billed right away! We offer 2 options! Pay as you go with no monthly charges or you can save $6.50 when you sign up for your monthly box and you are guaranteed to receive one! Monthly subscribers are billed the first week of the month!

How long is shipping?

Shipping within Canada usually takes anywhere from 3-7 days. Our boxes ship out between the 9-10th every month to sure you receive it by the 15th of the month.

Do you ship to the USA or International?

At the present moment, we do not.

What if I want last months Kokē Box items?

Check to see if the box is still available on our website! If the box is already sold out don't worry the next box will be just as exciting!

How do I know what I'll get in my next box?

Please follow us on social media! We offer sneak peaks on what we are working on and you may get a glimpse of what items will be in your box! Every month Tiffany Neves on Facebook also unboxes for us live! Stay tuned for live unboxing dates!

How do I reach customer service?

You can reach us by E-mail at Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Will everyone receive the same items in their box?

Everyone will usually receive the same or similar items, some items may vary such as in a different colour, scent, or style but all values are the same!

What if the items in my box are damaged?

Please contact us at

What if I want to return my box or skincare items?

Unfortunately, at this time we aren't able to proceed with refunds or exchanges. All  products are final sale.

What if I want to cancel my monthly subscription?

Please Email us to schedule your subscription cancellation! All cancellations are 1 month delayed for processing. For example: If we are in the June box and you would like to cancel, you will receive the July box but will not receive the August box.